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Dear guests, dear friends, dear family, dear Le Bourg 7 lovers, The time has come for us to say goodbye and thank you… thank you to all of you who came to stay with us, who enjoyed a good brunch, a good glass of wine, whisky, champagne or simply a good night’s sleep in your home away from home.

Le Bourg 7 is, or shall we say was, our dream – and certainly the biggest project we never thought would be possible to realize. It gave us the chance to meet over 15’678 extraordinary people from over 53 countries around the world who slept 19’894 nights in our Hotel. Le Bourg 7 started with a love story; that is how it all began….

My wife and I met as EHL students in 1998 and lived in the Le Bourg 7 building. Already back then we had the crazy idea that one day this address would become our own little boutique hotel. We had it all planned! Sixteen years later, and after creating 4 different companies, having 2 beautiful children, 3 dogs, and having moved 12 times, here we are sitting on our sofa with an empty feeling, and writing these words of farewell. You might wonder why… why now? Le Bourg 7 was our baby and grew just like a child. Today it’s time to let it go and move on to our next very exciting project.

We learned from you, we shared with you and we struggled with you every day since we opened. Every day was different, every day the unexpected was to be expected. “Come as a guest, leave as a friend” was our strong wish and we hope you felt that way with us. It is time for us to close this chapter of our lives and open a new one… Le Bourg 7 brought us so much, even great ideas… one of them being the reason why we say goodbye today.

Base7booking.com, a great hospitality software which we initially created for ourselves in response to a real need, was born. It became a startup in 2012, which now is a very promising future for us. We never expected the success of base7booking to become such that now we have to make it our main priority… but, then again, we should have – as we always expected the unexpected at Le Bourg 7!

Thank you for staying with us, for sharing with us, for eating with us, for drinking with us, for laughing with us, for singing with us, for dancing with us, for crying with us, for travelling with us, for helping us, for supporting us and simply for being with us! Lastly but most importantly, thank you to whom without, all of this would have not been possible: my father in law, Jose Castrillo, who designed and created the hotel with us, and our great staff and interns from the Lausanne Hospitality School who helped us through thick and thin and are now even sharing our new adventure with us.

A big thank you to all of you: Hanika, Rosa, Encarna, Veronica, Gerard, Falko, Charlotte, Victor, Barbara, Andre, Lilly, Raja, Benjamin, Charlotte, Gwendoline, Yann, Gian Andrea, Stanislas, Laura, Alexandre, Lauren, Martin, Anais, François, Melissa, Adeline, Alexis, Timea, Daniel, Clement We are very saddened to leave Le Bourg 7 behind, but very lucky to remain in the hospitality business which will allow us to help hoteliers get closer to you and spend less time struggling with administrative work. Keep in touch, www.base7booking.com. Ana & Frank

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